Testing for UV Resistance

Pay particular attention to the UV testing.Ultraviolet rays are a major cause of failed systems, especially in our dry Australian climate

Lawn4ever uses TenCate Thiolon® fibres exclusively. are 100%
polyethylene Thiolon LSR® 9000 - 11,000 DTEX fibres with
stabilizers to resist ultraviolet (UV) rays that can make some fibres
brittle and lose strength after exposure.


Testing: Thiolon® Grass subjected its LSR fibres to extended exposure in
the Weather-O-Meter (WOM), a machine that can simulate outdoor
conditions of sunlight and rain. The tensile strength of the fibres was
measured every 1,000 hours; the normal reduction in strength among
competitors' fibres is 50 percent after 4,000 hours.

Conclusion: Thiolon LSR® has outstanding resistance to UV degradation
and will retain its superior playing characteristics for years. Source: Thiolon® Grass.

Lawn4ever came with an Extended up to 10 year Factory Warranty